[All books are hardcover and in excellent condition unless otherwise indicated]

The Katchen Collection of Netsuke—Part I, Sotheby’s London 8 November 2005 US$50.00
The Katchen Collection of Netsuke—Part II, Sotheby’s London 13 July 2006US$50.00
Raymond Bushell, Collector’s Netsuke (Weatherhill, New York 1971—7th Printing 1990) -- US$75.00
Raymond Bushell, Netsuke Familiar & Unfamiliar (Weatherhill, New York 1st ed. 1995) -- US$85.00
Raymond Bushell, The Inro Handbook (Weatherhill, New York 1979—2nd Printing 1989) -- US$75.00
Raymond Bushell (adapt.), The Netsuke Handbook of Ueda Reikichi (Chas. E. Tuttle, Rutland, VT 1961--11th ed. 1979) - US$75.00
 F.M. Jonas, Netsuké (Chas. E. Tuttle, Rutland, VT—1st Tuttle Reprint 1960) - US$125.00
 Joe Earle, Netsuke--Fantasy and Reality in Japanese Miniature Sculpture (MFA Publications, Boston--1st paperback ed. 2004)                     (softbound) US$85.00
 Edwin C. Symmes, Jr., Netsuke—Japanese Life and Legend in Miniature (Chas. E. Tuttle, Rutland, VT, 1st ed. 1990) - US$40.00
Mary Louise O’Brien, Netsuke—A Guide for Collectors (Chas. E. Tuttle, Rutland, VT, 9th Printing 1982) - US$45.00
· Lisa A. Edwards and Margie M. Krebs, Netsuke—The Netsuke Collection of the Peabody Museum of Salem (Peabody Museum 1980)(softcover) US$40.00
Barbara Teri Okada, Netsuke—Real and Imaginary Beings-The Netsuke Collection of Joseph and Edith Kurstin (Yale U. Art Gallery 1980)
(with slipcase) US$140.00
Paul Moss, Japanese Netsuke: Serious Art (Sydney L. Moss Ltd. 1980) - US$95.00
George Lazarnick, The Signature Book of Netsuke, Inro and Ojime Artists in Photographs (Reed Publishers, Honolulu, HI 1976)
(single volume edition, slight tears to plastic book cover, otherwise a fine copy) - US$285.00   SOLD
Masatoshi Nakamura (as told to Raymond Bushell), The Art of Netsuke Carving (Weatherhill, New York--first Weatherhill ed. 1992)
(with slipcase) - US$400.00